Shannen Findlay


3 easy craft projects you can do with your grandkids this Easter

3 easy craft projects you can do with your grandkids this Easter

Easter is fast approaching and there are plenty of fun and simple crafts to do with your grandkids, so they are entertained.

Here are three easy craft projects you can do with your grandkids this Easter.

1. Fluffy pom-pom chicks

What you need:

  • Card
  • Yellow wool
  • Googly eyes
  • Orange cards or felt

How to:

1. Cut two donut-shaped rings out of card and place both of the rings together

2. Using scissors, cut a long piece of wool and wrap it around the donuts.

3. When taking a new piece of wool, leave the ends at the top of the circle and not the centre.

4. Once the donut is covered, cut the edges in between the two circles of card.

5. With another piece of wool, place it between the two rings and tie the whole pom pom together. Pull the string tight and knot it.

2. Sock bunnies (no sewing required)

What you need:

  • Socks
  • Elastic bands
  • Rice, barley or lentils
  • Buttons
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun / strong glue

How to:

1. Using a sock, fill it with either rice, barley or lentils.

2. Tie an elastic band around the sock when it is filled a third of the way – this will make the bunny’s body.

3. Further fill the sock and tie it again with an elastic band to make another ball – which is the head of the bunny.

4. With the left-over sock at the top of the head, use some scissors to snip down the centre and round off the edges to make the bunny ears.

5. Using your glue gun, stick two buttons on the sock for the eyes and a larger button for the nose.

6. Tie a ribbon around your bunny’s neck and decorate with felt-friendly markers.

3. Yarn nests

What you need:

  • Bowl
  • Cling film
  • Wool
  • PVA glue
  • Feathers

How to:

1. With your bowl and cling film, cover the outside of the upside-down bowl.

2. Cut strings of wool and dip them in PVA glue.

3. Cover the cling film bowl with the wool and continue to build up layers until you have your desired nest shape.

4. Optional: You can line your nest with feathers and add your chocolate eggs!

Would you try any of these easy Easter crafts with your grandchildren? Let us know in the comments below.