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Prince Charles' surprising gay admission

Prince Charles' surprising gay admission

Back when Prince Charles was unable to find a royal wife that met his standards, he joked with friends that maybe he should "go gay".

This interesting claim comes from a new Channel 5 documentary that talks about the private lives of the royal family. Jeremy Paxman is hosting the documentary.

The show, Paxman On The Queen’s Children, involves Paxman interviewing friends and family about the heir to the throne, Prince Charles, and his siblings, Anne, Andrew and Edward.

Paxman conducted an interview with one of Prince Charles' old friends, Broderick Munro-Wilson, according to The Mirror.

The pair discussed an old newspaper story about “potential brides” in Europe for the heir to the throne, with Munro-Wilson claiming: “I thought the only possibility was Caroline of Monaco.”

According to Munro-Wilson, the Prince could not be tempted by any of the potential brides in Europe, joking around and saying: “Shall I go gay?”

“We all roared with laughter and moved on… they had a lot of fun,” reminisces Munro-Wilson.

Paxman then asked about Anne, the heir’s royal sister.

“Anne too?”

Broderick explained: “She wasn’t a stuffy old thing. I wouldn’t want anyone to think they were shrinking violets, either of them.”

A shrinking violet is an exaggerated shy person.

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