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Yikes! Gigantic red-bellied black snake found hiding in the suburbs

Yikes! Gigantic red-bellied black snake found hiding in the suburbs

An enormous 1.8m red-bellied black snake has been discovered in suburban Brisbane.

Snake Catchers Brisbane shared a photo of the terrifying reptile to its Facebook page, which was captured on Tuesday in the southeast suburb of Belmont.

Commenting on the snap was a woman who said that the area was “overloaded” with snakes and was concerned one may have killed her father’s dogs.

“I’m so bloody freaked out at the moment! My poor father has lost three dogs now and the next door neighbours with damn snakes in Belmont,” she said.

Others were a bit more relaxed saying how the snake was a “beautiful” and “spectacular” specimen.

Speaking to 10 daily, snake catcher Bryce Lockett said it was a “solid build animal” that people shouldn’t be afraid of.

“They’re generally a very placid snake, they aren’t really defensive,” he said.

“During breeding season male snakes tend to travel some distance looking for a mate.

“We’re being called out to a lot of carpet pythons fighting in people’s roof cavities.”

He told Nine it was “abnormally large” for that type of snake.

The average size for an adult is between 1.5-2m, with males growing slightly larger than females.

The snakes are found in northern and central eastern Queensland and then more continuously from southeastern Queensland through eastern NSW and Victoria.