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Woman relives horrifying encounter with snake in her bedroom

Woman relives horrifying encounter with snake in her bedroom

A Brisbane woman who was recovering from a late night flight was woken up by what she described as something “flicking her face” – however, she didn’t think she would see a snake when she opened her eyes.

Sally Stent returned to her home at 2am, not knowing a python was in her bedroom as she slept peacefully.

After five hours, Ms Stent said she had been awoken by a giant python.

“I opened my eyes and the snake was a couple of centimetres from my face looking at me. It was 5-10cm from my face. I had to focus my eyeballs to see it. It was right in there,” she told the Courier Mail.

The slithery reptile was hanging from her beside lamp and had put his face close to Ms Stent’s.

Although surprised, the young woman said she didn’t jump or scream, but instead remained calm and left the room.

Her father, who was home at the time, was made a cup of tea to calm him down before he became aware of the startling news.

“I said, ‘By the way, there’s a snake in my bedroom’. It took him 15 minutes to calm down and by that time, the snake had disappeared, and he thought I’d made it up,” she explained.  

Ms Stent said the giant python was removed by a local snake catcher who managed to coax the reptile from its hiding place.

The snake had reportedly slithered in through an open window, looking for a safe place to digest its last meal.

Thankfully, Ms Stent confirmed she had learnt her lesson from the scary ordeal.

“I have fly screens now on every window in the house. I was a bit too cool for fly screens before but now I’m not,” she said.