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Top 4 bedroom design trends for 2019

Top 4 bedroom design trends for 2019

Wondering how other Australians are decorating their bedrooms in 2019? Check out this list of the top 4 bedroom design trends this year.

1. Extreme minimalism

The extreme minimalism trend is different than most others you’ll find on home decorating trend lists such as this one. Keeping up with most trends requires you to buy whatever trendy item is being recommended. That isn’t the case here – in fact, it’s the exact opposite.

To be au courant with this trend, you’ve got to take stock of the items in your bedroom, and get rid of everything except the utter necessities and the things that bring you delight.

These are insights that a prominent organizing expert named Marie Kondo has been teaching to her legions of followers worldwide. Marie recently rose to prominence because her ideas about decluttering and organizing have been helpful to consumers as they seek to design the homes and lives they really want.

In response to Marie’s advice, countless homeowners are getting rid of possessions that do not bring them joy. Extreme minimalism has once again become a thing – and it’s an especially big thing in the bedroom closet.

Have you ever stopped to consider which of the things in your bedroom bring you joy? If there are clothes in your closet or items stuffed in your drawers that make you feel fat, ugly or horrid in any way, donate them and get them out of your room.

2. Sustainable fabrics

Simple bamboo, organic cotton and linen are the fabrics adorning many of the trendiest bedrooms in Australia right now. Earthy, nature-inspired colours are popular, but they aren’t your only choices. These fabrics are also being styled with a moody color palette filled with charcoal greys, sea greens and navy blues. Check out Ecosa’s bamboo bedding sets for an example of a bedroom colour palette that is spot on for 2019.

3. Macrame, weaving and other richly textured textiles

Handmade textile art was popular in the 1970s, and it has made a comeback in recent years. Prominent Australian textile artists such as Angie Duncan and Melissa Carey are working to popularise textile art forms such as macrame and weaving once again.

Elaborate macrame wall hangings and hand woven tapestries are the up-and-coming trendy wall art pieces right now. Many of these pieces incorporate natural elements such as tree branches. Some homeowners are hanging these over the bed in place of a headboard. Others are incorporating smaller pieces into the bedroom décor in innovative ways -- sometimes as valances over a window or curtains hanging to conceal the closet instead of a closet door.

Other interesting textured textiles such as tassels, pintucks and thick, hefty knitted blankets are also trending up right now.

4. Houseplants in the bedroom

“Biophilic design” is a hot new buzzword phrase that refers to the phenomenon of incorporating nature and natural elements into the built environment. There are people who are getting really elaborate with creating these nature-inspired spaces -- but really, it can be as simple as bringing some humble houseplants inside. Bonus points if you hang your houseplants in macrame plant hangers near your bedroom windows.

These are 4 of the most prominent bedroom design trends we’ve observed thus far in 2019. If you’re thinking of updating your bedroom soon, consider incorporating any of these trendy elements into your bedroom decor.