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The Bunnings hack that will save you hundreds of dollars

The Bunnings hack that will save you hundreds of dollars

A Sydney mum has transformed her clothesline using just two products from Bunnings, saving her hundreds of dollars.

While it may just be a clothesline, many homeowners will agree that the backyard staple is pricey, with some costing close to $600.

But instead of dropping cash, Jessica Lanyon spent just $31.90 on cord and spray paint from Bunnings to revamp the old "ugly" line.

“We actually moved into the house three years ago and it has looked like that ever since we bought it,” Jessica told news.com.au.

“It’s that one thing we have been meaning to fix since we moved in and we’ve finally did something about it.”

With the rest of her southwest Sydney house renovated, the mother-of-four said the dated clothes line really stood out, and for all the wrong reasons.

She said before the makeover, the line was falling apart and green finish was faded.

“To save buying a new clothesline we did a little revamp on ours instead, using new cord and spray paint – I didn’t think I could be so happy over a clothesline,” she wrote in a Facebook post.

Jessica said it took her two hours to transform the line using $19 Hills 30cm wire from Bunnings and two coats of Dulux' $12.90 Metalshield Multipurpose Spray Paint (Monument).

It now looks exactly like the store's $254 clothes line.

“It’s the little things. looks great!!” one woman responded to her snap in the Bunnings Mums, Inspiration, Hacks, Tips And Tricks group.

“Girl after my own heart, I revamped mine a few years ago, I was so excited,” another wrote, while a third said, “Fantastic! Recycle! Reuse! Well done.”

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