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The $20 Bunnings item that will change how you clean your home

The $20 Bunnings item that will change how you clean your home

A savvy Aussie mum has revealed her $20 secret to help remove stubborn stains effortlessly – a cleaning brush from Bunnings.

Taking to an Australian cleaning group on Facebook, the woman said she purchased the Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber Brush from the popular hardware store and has been impressed by the results ever since.

The small brush is made to clean built up dirt and grime two times faster than manual scrubbing, and is the perfect size to reach nooks and crannies that may otherwise be missed.

“Oh my lord! No scrub effort just turn it on and roll it over, the dirt comes away,” she said.

She went on to say that she was “so impressed” with the nifty tool which she claims to have cut her cleaning time by half.

“Also note gumption is an abrasive cleaning agent so use with caution around your actual tiles!” she said.

“Vinegar and bicarb also works well but requires a bit of extra runs with the brush.”

After the initial post, many others came forward, saying they’ve also found luck with the affordable device.

They said that they used gumption with the grout cleaner and their tiles came out “so shiny”.

“I need that in my life,” said another.

And the good news is, it has plenty of uses, with Katrina Diab telling Kidspot that it works wonders on tight spaces around the home.

“It’s amazing, I couldn’t believe it. I use it on rust, mould, dirt, anything that needs a good scrub, especially the corners of the shower,” she said.

“Anywhere where there is water, this will clean it easily. You just hold it there; you don’t even have to move your fingers”.