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Shopper slams Kmart over "ridiculous" packaging

Shopper slams Kmart over "ridiculous" packaging

A Sydney mum has taken to Facebook to slam Kmart for using an excessive amount of packaging after her tiny order arrived in a huge box full of plastic.

The mum shared her frustrations after purchasing a single bath bomb online.

Photos showed that the item arrived in a large cardboard box, with plastic air pockets used to cushion the bath bomb inside.

"So glad my bath bomb arrived safe and sound," she wrote sarcastically, but she's not the only one to have received such a "ridiculously" packaged item.

Other shoppers shared their own experience by posting photos of their small orders turning up in comically large boxes.

"I received one sheet of kitchen labels like this, I even asked the post office to open it for me as I thought the box was empty," one woman commented.

Environmental groups have been urging retailers to go plastic-free for years, with a push for more recyclable product packaging.

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