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Never iron again! The $35 Kmart hack that will change your life

Never iron again! The $35 Kmart hack that will change your life

It might be time for you to pack away the ironing board and throw out the iron that has ruined many family’s days – this new ironing hack can lighten your workload in no time.

Do you have a work shirt that needs the creases taken out? Or how about a grandkids uniform that didn’t come ironed when they were dropped off before school? 

Kmart's garment steamer, which is only $35, might be able to solve all the issues you could be facing – it can remove creases and wrinkles from clothing to home linen, and even curtains. 

This home product is lightweight, compact and easy to use – and it's ready to go in just 30 seconds after turning it on. The steamer also claims to remove odour from your garments too.

One user of the product, Elizabeth, says the steamer has replaced her iron at home.

“It works on every type of garment, even curtains. I was a bit wary of having this break down, but it has defied expectations and been steady and reliable,” she said in an online review.

“It’s nice and sturdy and should last. No staining or damage to clothing at all. I recommend this product,” another fan of the time-saving invention said.

If you’re willing to splash out an extra $14 for the product, then you can get the standalone steamer for $49, which gives you 50 minutes of continuous steam.

This product might be the miracle you’ve been looking for to lighten your load at home.

Scroll through the gallery above to see the steamer everyone is going crazy for. 

Will you be trying out Kmart's $35 laundry hack to ease your load at home? Let us know in the comments below.