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Maker Russell reflects on Making It experience

Maker Russell reflects on Making It experience

Episode two of Making It Australia saw competitors embrace their inner child in two creative challenges.

In the first-ever Team Challenge, the Makers came together to make functional billycarts, with Russell, Rehana, Dan, and Denise winning with their Beelycart.

Rizaldy took out the Main Challenge with his magical forest cubby house.

But, another person had to go, and this time it was Russell.

They sat down with OverSixty and revealed their highlights of being on the show, as well as an insight into the show's unusual elimination process.

O60: What was the highlight of being a Maker?

I would say that the biggest highlight was the other Makers. To be with such talented people, it was such an experience, like, the creative energy when we were all together.

And we all got along so well, like we were all so different yet all so similar at the same time.

I don’t know how to explain it, it was as if we’ve known each other for years.

We would have dinners and hang out together while we’re not filming. And it was so good because we got to talk about art, we got to talk about film, about music, and it just [had] so much positive energy.

O60: What surprised you most about your Making It experience?

The thing that probably surprised me the most [that] I could do more than what I thought I could.

Sometimes when you look at someone else who’s talented or who’s really good at something, and you’re like, I can’t do that. But I realised when I got there … everyone was sort of positive and encouraging … and it made you want to try stuff.

And so I found out that I actually could do a lot of things that I didn’t think I could do.

O60: On the show you told Susie and Harvey that crafting is a way of representing your identity as a non-binary person. Could you tell us more about that and how it felt representing the queer community on the show?

Yes of course. One of the reasons why I went on the show was I wanted to be a good representation for the queer community and to be someone that people can look to, because when I was younger, there wasn’t a lot of role models, as such, to look to. … you know, if there was someone like me when I was younger, maybe I could’ve got a better understanding of myself a little earlier than I had in life.

I have been contacted by quite a few people on social media with just all these kind words and comments of support and admiration of some sort.

It makes the whole experience even greater to be able to bring happiness and joy to the people that I’ve never even met.

O60: What’s next for you after Making It?

Well, at the moment I’m in lockdown, but I have started a YouTube channel, and I want to base it around crafting. It’s called Procrastinating with Russell [and] I want to base it around being a creative and someone who deals with mental health.

I feel as if there is a big stigma around mental health and it has… definitely increased during COVID and lockdown, and it’s become very noticeable with everyday people. So if I make relatable content … it will be a positive influence to people.

Like being creative, you just can’t help but smile and have fun. And, you know, you don’t have to be a fine artist of any sort. And anyone can do it as well, be it a four year old or a sixty year old.

O60: We love the way the show seems to be trying to do away with the idea of eliminations. You and Kat seem to still be there in some capacity. What’s the deal?

Well, we pretty much stayed at the farm. Kat [has been] hanging out the washing and I’m sewing up a storm.

O60: Last but not least, if you had the chance, would you do it again?

In a heartbeat. Definitely, I would. It’s the greatest thing I’ve done so far.

Making It Australia returns next Wednesday and Thursday on Channel 10.

Image: Channel 10

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