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How to install solar lights

How to install solar lights

Garden features can be highlighted subtly using solar lights, which don’t require mains power as they feature internal batteries that are charged by a solar panel. This is usually attached to the light itself or positioned nearby.

Step 1: Position solar panel

Choose a sunny spot in the garden and position the panel by driving the plastic stake into the ground. The lights will operate best if the panel is north-facing and receives sun for most of the day.

Step 2: Attach leads

Insert the leads into the panel and run them across the lawn or the garden bed out of the way so they’re not a trip hazard. Secure the leads by pegging them into the ground every metre using stainless steel pegs.

Step 3: Switch on lights

Leave the panel in the sun for several days to charge the batteries, then set the switch on the solar panel to automatic. The solar sensor will turn on the lights once the sun has set. If the lights are dim or don’t work, reposition the panel.

Republished with permission of Handyman Australia.