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"Fan favourite" ALDI cult classic is back

"Fan favourite" ALDI cult classic is back

ALDI's popular 3-in-1 barbecue and pizza oven is set to make a comeback and fans are thrilled. 

The oven is set to appear in Saturday's September 26 Special Buys sale for just $179.

An Aldi spokesperson described the popular item as a "fan favourite".

"This week, the fan-favourite Special Buy Woodfire Pizza Oven will be returning to the middle aisle," they wrote.

"While a trip to Italy might be off the cards for now, for just $179 you can cook up a storm in your own backyard."

While the last pizza oven was $30 cheaper, an ALDI spokesperson confirmed that improvements have been made on the latest oven.

"This year, the pizza oven comes with an improved heatshield to the oven, to help maintain a high temperature when cooking so you can perfect a crispy base. For recipe inspiration, visit ALDI.com.au."

Excited fans are already thrilled with the news.

"I have this one. We love it."

"We have had ours for 2 years it's great."

"It's great! My dad and partner both have one."

Photo credits: Honey