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Disastrous mouse plague set to hit Sydney in just weeks

Disastrous mouse plague set to hit Sydney in just weeks

An investigation of rodent mice is set to hit Sydney homes, and now experts are urging people to protect their homes.

Country towns have been dealing with their own mouse plague since 2020, resulting in ruined crops, tonnes of damaged stored and grain along with millions of dollars’ worth of damage to homes and land.

The NSW government announced last week it had secured 5000 litres of anti-coagulant bromadiolone.

The amount is estimated to be enough to treat around 95 tonnes of grain and will be provided to farmers for free, once its use has been given the green light by federal authorities.

Now, experts are warning Sydney to rodent-proof their homes as mice are feared to be coming to the suburbs by travelling in trucks in a bid to find warmer weather.

Dr Leigh Davidson, CEO of Your Vet Online, told Channel 7’s Sunrise that the city’s prolonged humid weather could mean winter might be filled with the rodents.

"We’re having really good warm temperatures, there’s an abundance of food and we’re not getting those frosts that we’d normally get," Dr Davidson said.

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