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The luxury pet-friendly hotels taking pampering to new heights

The luxury pet-friendly hotels taking pampering to new heights

Although many might not think to bring their dogs along to a luxury hotel, many of Australia’s top hotels are expanding their range to include your four-legged friend in your hotel experience.

Some hotels are offering tasting menus, room service and even mini-bar snacks.

“We know that travel looks different for each guest, and that people are now travelling with multiple generations of family, friends and even their pets,” says Harry Singh, the general manager of Elements Melbourne to The New Daily.

Even with hotels charging on average about $50 to $90 to accommodate pets as well as one off cleaning fees of up to $150, this isn’t deterring people from bringing their pets along.

“The option to bring along a furry friend has been super popular,” says Daniel Meek, manager of Brisbane’s Ovolo The Valley.

“We’ve welcomed numerous puppies from the smallest of chihuahuas through to rottweilers and everything in between. We certainly don’t discriminate and have also welcomed some extra cute and cuddly felines. We haven’t had any issues at all so far with any of our pet guests.”

Different hotels offer different experiences. At Canberra’s Mercure Hotel, you can dine with your dog in front of the fireplace whereas at Vibe Hotel at Rushcutters, there is a specialised “doggy deck” with an animal nutritionist developed “dogustation” menu that includes puppycinos. 

At Sydney’s five-star Langham, guests have included parrots, rabbits, lizards and even a teacup pig to their hotel room since the hotel opened in 2014. Langham have capitalised on this opportunity by offering Langham branded beds, collars, leashes, food and water bowls as well as balls.

However, if you’re looking to save money, it’s probably best to leave your four-legged at home as it’s infinitely more costly.