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Princess Beatrice looks just like this famous queen

Princess Beatrice looks just like this famous queen
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Princess Beatrice has been compared to one of Britain’s legendary queens.

Royal fans pointed out the similarities between the 30-year-old princess and Queen Victoria after a historic photo was posted on her sister Princess Eugenie’s Instagram account.

Princess Eugenie shared a portrait of Queen Victoria to mark the late queen’s birthday on May 24, and her followers were quick to recognise the resemblance between the second-longest reigning monarch and Beatrice.

“Your sister, Princess Beatrice, looks very similar to Her Majesty Queen Victoria. [Especially] when Bea does sideview,” one commented.

“Princess Beatrice looks very much like Queen Victoria... Same eyes and pout,” another wrote.

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Princess Beatrice is Queen Victoria’s four times great granddaughter and the ninth in line to the throne.

The princess’s mother, Sarah Ferguson, also acknowledged her daughter’s likeness to Queen Victoria. 

“Beatrice looks exactly like Victoria. They even have the same hair colour,” she told Reuters. “Beatrice is completely selfless. She’s born royal.”

Historian Helen Rappaport said while the late monarch was often photographed in a serious, sober expression, “there is definitely a genuine prettiness”. 

She said Victoria “in fact had a lovely smile”, as an observer noted. 

“When animated and smiling, the expression is pleasing in the extreme … her whole face laughs.”