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Prince Charles withdraws "financial support" from Prince Harry and Meghan

Prince Charles withdraws "financial support" from Prince Harry and Meghan

Harry and Meghan are being forced to find new arrangements for any mail sent to them after Prince Charles and Clarence House withdrew "financial support" from the couple.

The UK Telegraph has reported that all professional ties, including the Sussex's mail service in the UK, is being severed by the end of next month.

Members of the royal family can receive thousands of letters and cards per month and the Correspondence Section at Clarence House was previously responsible for the Sussex family.

Instead, the pair will need to make new arrangements to receive their mail in the US.

What is said to have tipped Prince Charles' decision is the new 90-minute documentary that Harry and Meghan are doing with Oprah to discuss why they quit being working royals.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were stripped of their titles in mid-February after they decided to renounce their duties and step away from public service for good.

A statement by Buckingham Palace said at the time they are "saddened by their decision" but said Meghan and Harry "remain much loved members of the family."