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Thu, 31 Jan, 2019Joanita Wibowo

Naomi Osaka reveals mum's bizarre reaction to Aus Open win: "Didn't even say congrats"

Naomi Osaka reveals mum's bizarre reaction to Aus Open win: "Didn't even say congrats"

Impressing parents can be tough, even for world number one player Naomi Osaka.

The 21-year-old has revealed her mother’s bizarre reaction to her triumph at the Australian Open.

“I called my mom after I did all the press,” Osaka told the WTA Insider Podcast. “She didn't even say congratulations. She just yelled at me to go to sleep. So I felt really loved.

“And then I called my sister when I got back to the hotel. She was really happy for me, so that was really … I really love talking to my sister.”

Osaka emerged as the 2019 Australian Open champion after defeating Petra Kvitova in Saturday’s final. With this new title, Osaka has become the first Asian player in tennis history to earn the world’s number one ranking.

However, these achievements still could not get her parents to offer congratulations. Osaka also said her father “doesn’t say anything” about her win.

“I guess for me if my mum calls me and she’s excited, that would be the most happiest moment for me, and also my dad,” she said.

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Osaka said she was still getting used to being number one. 

“I feel like for the past two years, all I really wanted to do was to be in the Top 10 because I thought that's how you make a name for yourself,” said Osaka.

“To be in this position now is really unreal. I feel like I want to do well during the entire year and not just the hardcourt tournaments.”