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Katherine Kelly Lang reveals the beauty secrets behind her ageless appearance

Katherine Kelly Lang reveals the beauty secrets behind her ageless appearance

Since she first graced the screens as Brooke Logan on The Bold and Beautiful in 1987, Katherine Kelly Lang has continued to maintain her picture-perfect look throughout the years.

Now, the 58-year-old actress has shared the beauty regime that helped her keep her glowing appearance in a new interview with FEMAIL.

Lang said she often swaps out products to maintain their effectiveness. “I love creams so I apply whatever creams I love and am using at the time right after my shower,” she said.

“I do like to switch them up because the face gets used to a certain product or a certain line and then it’s not as effective, so you want to switch up regularly by using different kinds of creams.”

She said apart from the items from her favourite skincare brand Lancôme, she also uses various organic products.

At the end of the day, she cleanses her face the first thing when she gets home. This is often followed up by a scrub or a mask before she applies a range of creams on.

“I use an eye cream, then a retinol to keep the cell turnover going, and a Vitamin C cream – Vitamin C creams are really good, I love those,” she said.

“I then finish with a cream that gets rid of sun spots and then a hydration cream … I put on the five different creams in that order.”

When she’s not out on travel trips, she uses an LED mask for 40 minutes every night. “It’s anti-ageing; it stimulates the collagen and gives you a glow and keeps your skin hydrated,” she said.

The soap star has previously spoken up about having filler and Botox, but she said she prefers more natural means.

Lang also credited diet, exercise and work for her beautiful complexion.

“Generally I just follow the rule of thumb of eating lean meats, leafy green vegetables and pressed juices and cut right down on sugar and gluten,” she said.

Lang, who described herself as a “vitamin junkie”, said she takes so many every day she couldn’t remember all of them. “I can’t even tell you how much I take! People think I am crazy, honestly.”

The American also said intense triathlons and busy work life also helped her stay “young”. She said she beat jet lag by going on a run or bike ride, and has been doing up to 10 shows a week in recent times. “I don’t stop, ever,” she said. “But in the summer we do have four weeks off so that’s good downtime and I have three weeks off over Christmas.”