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The Danish royal family like you've never seen them!

The Danish royal family like you've never seen them!

The young Danish royals sprinted to the finish line of a charity run on June 10, where their father Prince Frederik and their mother Princess Mary were waiting for them with open arms.

Prince Christian, 13, Princess Josephine, 12, and twins Princess Isabella and Prince Vincent, eight, were seen dashing across the finish line at Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen on June 10.

Prince Christian shared his first message via Instagram about the Royal Run in Denmark. The caption, translated from Danish read:

“In a little while, along with my siblings, I will run a family mile. We look forward to running for the goal across the Palace Square.”

Prince Frederik was supposed to take part in the run but the palace confirmed recently he had to pull out of the fundraiser due to a small disc herniation in his back.

“Even though this is a minor damage, the Crown Prince runs the risk of worsening the condition if he runs at 10km distances in this year's Royal Run,” the palace statement read.

Instead, the future king of Denmark was there to present his children with medals due to their participation in the race and was “incredibly pleased” with their performance.

The caption translated from Danish said:

“Then all four children came to the goal. We are all incredibly pleased with the great support that is given to Royal Run throughout the country. In this connection, I am happy to tell you that the organizers are already preparing for next year's race. The puzzle is about to be made, but it is clear that Royal Run is coming to South Jutland to mark the 100th anniversary of the reunion.”

Prince Christian was the first to complete the charity run, followed by an exhausted Prince Vincent who was so focused on the finish line he almost tripped over his shoelace, according to The Daily Mail.

Princess Isabella and Princess Josephine joined their brothers once they had completed the race.

The Royal Danish Instagram account then shared this sweet snap of a collection of shoes, saying that everyone had made it over the finish line.

The caption, translated from Danish, said:

“Then the last one is to get over the finish line. Thanks to everyone who has helped make this day something special. We hope you all have achieved your goals and at the same time have had a good experience. See you next to Royal Run next year.”