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Woolworths hack: How to score a FREE hot roast chicken

Woolworths hack: How to score a FREE hot roast chicken

A Woolworths customer has discovered a simple trick to score a free hot roast chicken that you might not have known.

The Australian woman took to Facebook and claimed in a post that while her partner was doing a grocery shop, a staff member told him how he could get his hands on a free and delicious roast chicken.

“He got talking to the butcher and he said at 10 minutes or less before closing time, they have to give the cooked chickens away for free. Not sure if it’s one per person. Apparently staff can’t take them,” she said in a Markdown Addicts Facebook page.

Another excited shopper revealed how she went home with a trolley full worth of free roast chickens after an employee offered them to her shortly before closing time.

“10 free hot cooked chickens, saving $90. Winning,” the customer said.

“The deli manager waved us down when we walked in and told us all the chickens were free as they were full and closing in 30 minutes, so we jumped at that chance and filled up but left a few still there for others.”

This trick though is especially lucky, as it is a rare occurrence for there to be leftover roast chickens for sale within 10 minutes of closing time, according to a Woolworths spokesperson.

“Like all retailers, we work hard to minimise our stock loss with better processes in our store. This is not only the right thing to do, but also good business,” they told the Daily Mail.

“To help manage stock levels and reduce food waste, store managers can elect to mark down roast chickens.

“All markdowns are clearly displayed on applicable products.”

While the hack unknown to many has been making its way through social media, many former employees shared their thoughts and explained giving away free chicken usually comes down to the manager of the store.

“When I was the supervising, our chickens would be marked down and an announcement was made, about 10 minutes before close, most of the time they were sold. But if there were any left after midnight when closed, us staff were able to pick them up and take them for free,” a former staff member explained.

A wife of a manager of a store added: “Depends on who’s on that night. Sometimes they’re chucked but from what I’ve heard they will ask people at random if they want them.”

While many were excited by the prospect of getting their hands on a free dinner, some were sceptical and warned other shoppers the deal is not a guarantee.

“Every store is different! I wouldn’t get too excited,” one user said online.

“Majority of the time there are no chooks left, and definitely won’t cook any more after that, so I wouldn’t get too excited if they can avoid giving away for free they will,” another comment read online.

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