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Why people are going nuts over ALDI's imitation of popular ice cream

Why people are going nuts over ALDI's imitation of popular ice cream

It’s an iconic ice cream that’s been an Australian favourite for decades, but it turns out there’s been an imposter lurking for some time now, and people are lapping it up.

Could you ever top Streets’ Golden Gaytime? It turns out, maybe you can. ALDI has been selling the Milfina “Summer Delight” since 2015 according to Australian Food News.

It looks very similar to the original with the very familiar caramel and vanilla ice cream, covered in chocolate and biscuit pieces.

Big supermarket chains like Coles and Woolworths also imitate popular product lines, using similar package designs but with more  generic names, but the Milfina “Summer Delight” seems to have been a sleeper hit according to MamaMia.

On the ALDI Mum Facebook page, a review of the six-pack ALDI version of Golden Gaytimes has garnered over 100 comments with many praising the product and saying they prefer it over the real thing.

“Yummy and personally I like them a little better than the actual Streets brand!! Good old ALDI have done it again,” commented one person.

“They are amazing! Better than Golden Gaytimes by far,” said another.

“Had to stop buying them as I eat a box in one night lol,” admitted another ALDI Mum member.

And a key attraction is the price. A pack of four Golden Gaytimes at Coles and Woolworths currently costs $8.50, while MamaMia reports you can pick up a pack of ALDI's Milfina Summer Delights for $3.99 for six.

Some on the ALDI Mum page said that they couldn’t actually tell the difference between ALDI’s Milfina “Summer Delights” and Golden Gaytimes

“Amazing. Can’t tell the difference between this and a Gaytime. Oh sorry there is one difference. ...the price! Go Aldi!”

But other people weren’t so impressed, with some saying the original is always best.

“Great value and taste nice, but still not as good as a Gaytime,” said one person’s lukewarm review.

Although another commenter dissed the ALDI version, they said they were still a fan of the discount supermarket chain's other ice cream lines

“I was disappointed in my purchase – the crunch on the outside was very soggy and not overly pleasant,” they wrote. “I much prefer other Aldi ice creams.”

And another could see the benefits of an imitation Golden Gaytime.

“Pretty close but not the real deal… bit sweet but they still good for the price,” they said.

It comes as Streets has introduced several limited editions of Golden Gaytimes, and other variations like ice cream sandwiches in a competitive market

Have you tried the ALDI version of the Golden Gaytime? Let us know in the comment section below.