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Experts put snags to the test: Which supermarket has the best sausages

Experts put snags to the test: Which supermarket has the best sausages

Australia may be divided on political issues and parties this election, but one thing we all can agree on is there is nothing much better than a good sausage sizzle.

However, with every supermarket giant selling their own variation of a snag, it can be hard to know which one tastes the best.

Consumer organisation CHOICE has revealed just what sausages you can fry up on the barbie after putting ALDI, Coles and Woolworths to the test.

Staff at CHOICE were asked to elect their favourite sausages based on ingredients, flavour and value in a poll vote – and the results may shock you.

Woolworths dominated the vote after snagging a clean 45 per cent.

The most popular sausages were found to be the 24-pack valued at $9.50. The product contains 73 per cent of meat – and surprisingly has the lowest sodium levels but has the most fat, which CHOICE claims is necessary for a sausage to be good.

The Fresh Food People’s biggest rival, Coles, took out 21 per cent of the vote, coming last. The sausages sold at the supermarket giant offer the lowest meat content, highest in sodium and lowest fat content.

“Believe it or not, fat is something you actually do want in a good sausage,” the consumer organisation said.

Coles also had the most expensive sausages on the market, retailing at $10 for a 22-pack.

However, experts found Coles sausages had at least 99 per cent of Australian ingredients – pointing to a focus on supporting Australian farmers and jobs.

ALDI came in second, with 34 per cent – sitting right in the middle between its competitors.

They also have the cheapest snags out of all three supermarkets, costing just $8.99.