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Booted Jacqui Lambie admits struggles: "Living on Vegemite toast"

Booted Jacqui Lambie admits struggles: "Living on Vegemite toast"

Controversial Senator-elect Jacqui Lambie, has revealed the struggles she faced after being booted from Parliament.

Lambie – who made a stunning comeback after being re-elected in last week’s federal election – shared how she was forced to live off $150 a week after being kicked out of Parliament in 2017 for being a dual citizen.

Speaking to The New Daily, Lambie said the sudden unemployment left her with nothing and that she survived by munching on Vegemite toast.

After falling behind on her mortgage payments, Lambie decided to take part in reality show, I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here to help pay for her political campaign.

According to her, she only made $20,000 a year from media appearances and public speaking. Out of that income, she attempted to pay for groceries and home repayments of $1000 a month.

“I just had to do it. No new clothes. No make up. I just did it. I had friends who cut their own meat, and (have) veggie gardens. They were giving back,” she said.

“You just do it. I was not prepared to go back on the dole queue.

“I don’t run around in Armani, sweetie.”

In 2017, Lambie outed herself as a dual citizen, forcing her departure from Parliament.

“There was no pay out. Because we were imposters. It was just walk out and you’re finished,” she said.

After being re-elected in Tasmania, Lambie will now earn a cool $200,000 a year. Out of that hefty amount, she plans on devoting $1500 a month to putting a stranger through drug rehabilitation – a cause that’s close to her heart as her own son fought an ice addiction.

Talking about son Dylan, the 48-year-old said, “That was four years ago now. He’s holding down a good job and all the rest. He gets tested where he is for drugs.”

“I just like to give back. My son spent 18 months in long-term rehab and now I want to sponsor someone again.

“It’s long-term rehab – $1500 a month. Soon as I get paid, I was talking to them yesterday, I will sponsor someone again.”

And regarding her love life? Lambie says there’s nothing to look forward to.

“Mate, I was broke, I was unemployed, I don’t think that’s very attractive to blokes,” she said.

“It’s been a while now. It’s been about 15 years.”