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ALDI does it again! The hot ticket Special Buys item just in time for summer

ALDI does it again! The hot ticket Special Buys item just in time for summer

If you can’t wait for summer, one of ALDI’s latest Special Buys will help you get ready, at a bargain price.

This weekend, the discount retailer will feature an inflatable spa in one of its bi-weekly Special Buys sales and it could have customers rushing to get in line for one because of the very reasonable price. You could pick up one for $499, when other outlets have them priced at $1000 or more.

The spa can fit the whole family with enough room for four to six people according to consumer comparison site Canstar Blue, at the inflated size of 1.96m x 60cm.

The heating and bubbling functions in the spa create a massage effect and the spa comes with a power saving system, heating to a maximum of 40C, and 87 air jets.

Another benefit is the spa’s easy portability, armed with two handles, making it light to carry before it’s filled with water.

What’s more, it’s easy to set up, with a pump included with the spa to inflate it quickly.

Stock of the inflatable spa is limited, but popular items may be in the line-up for future sales according to 7News.  

It reported that the chain decided to increase stock for Special Buys that raced off the shelves because customers were behaving aggressively as they rushed to secure a bargain.

“People go running in for the discount, and that’s not the behaviour we want to see,” ALDI spokesman Adrian Christie said.

Will you be heading to ALDI this weekend to check out their Specials Buys?