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24 hours only! Woolworths launches mega half price sale

24 hours only! Woolworths launches mega half price sale

Sit back, relax and pull out your devices, because the supermarket giant, Woolworths has just launched a massive online sale on over 800 items.

The catch is this massive super sale only has 12 hours left on the clock.

The Woolworths Online Super Sale commenced yesterday and will wrap up until 11:59 pm tonight.

The Fresh Food People mega sale launched yesterday morning, and customers have seen prices slashed by 50 per cent on more than 800 products.

Pantry staples, health, hair and beauty products, as well as frozen and refrigerator foods prices have all been cut in half.

The supermarket also recently launched a frozen foods sale, where prices were also cut down by 50 per cent.

Customers can expect to find items as cheap as 80 cents.

However, those looking to fill their cupboards, bathroom cabinets and fridges for a good few months may be dismayed to find out a limit of 10 products per customer is applied.

To see some of the bargain products on sale, visit the Woolworths website.