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The tiny detail in Woolworths' new paper bags that has angered shoppers

The tiny detail in Woolworths' new paper bags that has angered shoppers

Shoppers have slammed Woolworths over their new paper bags being made in China.

The supermarket giant announced the release of the bags, which are made from 70 per cent recycled paper, on June 3 after a trial earlier this year was “very well received” by customers. 

But now, some shoppers have taken to Facebook to share their disappointment after noticing the “Made in China” label on the bottom of the bags.

Speaking to 7News, a spokesperson for Woolworths said that they are now exploring options to have the bags made locally.

The announcement came shortly after shoppers voiced their frustration over the bags.

“Just found out that the new paper bags that were announced this week, come from China,” said one shopper on social media.

“It would have been nice to have them made in Australia. How can we support Australians if large corporations don’t give us the option? Very disappointed.”

Added another: “Shame on you Woolworths. Promoting the use of the paper bags that are made in China. Surely they should have been manufactured here in Australia.”

“So they’re not made in Australia … When they are then perhaps people might buy them,” said a third.

Others sided with Woolworths on the decision.

“So you’ll be asking people to throw out and stop using their iPhones when exactly?” asked one.

Said another: “Yeah we should produce them in Australia for 5x the cost and then whinge about how the paper bag costs so much more than the plastic.”

A Woolworths spokesperson said they were brainstorming ideas on how to make the bags locally.

“We’ve been exploring options to source paper bags locally,” the spokesperson said.

“We’ll continue working closely with Australian manufacturers to see if we can find a viable solution as soon as possible.”

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