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The new $3 Kmart hack that is transforming homes around Australia

The new $3 Kmart hack that is transforming homes around Australia

It turns out tea towels don’t just belong in your kitchen.

All over Australia, women have been taking to Facebook Kmart groups to share how they’ve used Kmart's bargain $3 trendy tea towel designs as a way to transform their homes into chic abodes.

From dresses and wall art to cushions and reupholstered chairs, women have been putting their tea towels to good use with their genius creations.  

Swipe through the gallery above to see the gorgeous Kmart tea towels BEFORE they were used to make genius DIY creations.

Katie Matheson from Queensland says she had a lightbulb moment when deciding she wanted to reupholster her old dining table chairs with the banana palm tea towel. 

“Thanks Kmart for the tea towels... they look fab as new covers for my seat covers,” she wrote.

Matheson confirmed the process was easy and simple to do writing: “I spent $15 on the tea towels at $3 each. At Bunnings I spent around $65 on paint, sand paper and a staple gun. I chose to use chalkboard paint which seems to be the easiest paint for painting furniture and it gave the matte finish that I was after.

“I just washed the tea towels and ironed them, unscrewed the seats and covered them with the tea towels before stapling them to secure them underneath,” she explained.

Maiana Tahiata Solein also had a stroke of genius moment when she became inspired to make a dress for her niece when she saw two tea towels in her local Kmart.  

“It’s rough but it [looks] cute on her.

“She only likes the pink one though lol,” the aunty explained.

Nic Hutson also fell in love with the Kmart tea towel designs, deciding to use the native tea towel, the banana palm tea towel and the gorgeous palm tea towel to carry out her genius hack.

Loving my new wall art... Kmart canvas + Kmart tea towels 🙂 + staple gun

Posted by Nic Hutson on Saturday, December 29, 2018

Not only can you use tea towels for genius hacks, you can also use them as nifty cushions as Olive & Henry explained.

“I liked the bright summery vibe so I turned them into cushions (as one does), really thrilled with the result,” the Facebook page shared.

For this creative invention, they used the palm tree tea towel, cactus tea towel and the highland cow tea towel.

Are you going to try any of these clever hacks using Kmart’s $3 tea towels? Let us know in the comments below.