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Tue, 5 Mar, 2019Shannen Findlay

The mouth-watering $3 ALDI snack that has shoppers in a frenzy

The mouth-watering $3 ALDI snack that has shoppers in a frenzy

It might be smelly, but it definitely tastes good and ALDI are not new to going viral for their cult snacks.

Only last week, shoppers went into a frenzy over the $5 halloumi fries that made their way down under after an extremely successful sell in the UK.

Now, people have sunk their talons into a new flavour, and for just $2.79, it’s a bargain many can’t go past.

The affordable sea salt and truffle flavoured fries are tasty and worth the purchase, according to the ALDI Instagram fan page ALDI Lovers Australia.

“Giving these a go for the first time. I can smell the truffle seasoning through the bag!

“They smelt stronger than they taste (which is good cause I was a little worried).”

The fries were paired with a light salad of cucumber, tomato and bocconcini cheese and greek yoghurt with chilli flakes. 

Tammy, the admin of the 80,000-follower page said she would “definitely be buying again!”

Tammy urged any shoppers interested in buying the delicious snack to not overcook them as she believed “they could get dry”.

Will you be trying out this affordable tasty treat? Let us know in the comments below.