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The Kmart product slammed by experts as a "dud"

The Kmart product slammed by experts as a "dud"

To Aussie shoppers, Kmart might be a haven of affordable products that work just as well as other more expensive brands. However, if you’re seeking a winter warmer for the cold season, it might be wise to look somewhere else, according to a new review.

Consumer advocacy group CHOICE tested 53 electric heaters from 14 different brands – and Kmart’s popular convection heater was found to be one of the worst performers.

The budget retailer’s $55 Anko HD904-11 was savaged by the testers for its measly heating capability. 

“This is one of the most poorly performing electric heaters I've seen in my time at CHOICE,” said director of testing and reviews Matthew Steen.

“You’ll be left waiting a long time for any noticeable heat – over 57 minutes to raise our test room by 5°C – and it didn’t even manage to reach a 10°C rise.”

The reviewers noted that the Kmart heater was one of the most budget-friendly options to run, as it uses a low amount of power and costs just $141 for 500 hours of winter use.

However, Steen still recommended shoppers to steer clear of the item. 

“It’s pretty much a warm doorstop – you don’t really want to buy it, but if you have, then my commiserations.”

The Kmart heater tied in the last place with the Noirot 7358-7T electric heater, which is priced at $459. While the Noirot is slightly better at heating, the reviewers found it difficult to use and expensive to run, with a power bill of $263 for 500 hours of use.

Some shoppers have echoed the consumer group’s negative feedback of the Kmart heater on social media and review sites. 

“I have a medium size bedroom, it doesn’t seem to make any difference even [when] I have it on for over 2 to 3 hours,” one wrote.

“I thought it was broken because it wouldn’t get nearly as warm as other oil heaters I’ve had in the past. It’s practically useless unless you live in a closet,” another shared.