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The $2 ALDI find Aussies are obsessed with

The $2 ALDI find Aussies are obsessed with

ALDI have released a limited edition find that is looking to replace your beloved tomato and mustard sauce bottles.

Cult lovers of the supermarket chain have gone berserk over their latest find – Colway’s Tomusto Sauce.

The condiment features a blend of both tomato and mustard sauce.

At just $2, hotdog, sausage sizzle and burger lovers can find comfort in knowing there is a condiment so perfectly balanced they’ll never have to reach for any other sauce bottle again.

The supermarket chain’s website reads: “If you’re the sort of person who takes your burgers with tomato sauce and mustard, then Tomusto will be right up your alley.”

“A perfect mix of the two, our Tomusto is available in QLD stores only.”

However, it is possible Aussies all over will see the hybrid condiment in their local stores if enough support is given.

The online chatter is proving a Tomusto Sauce bottle may become a staple in your home, with many customers going crazy over their find. Scores of fans have taken to social media to praise the German supermarket.

“Tomato sauce and Mustard in a merger, a hybrid, a Siamese meshing of condiments?!!! I am intrigued!” one customer wrote.

The combo sauce product appears to have been sold throughout Australian stores years prior, proving to be a popular find then too.

One eagle eyed consumer pointed out the blended sauce is not a first of its kind to hit shelves.

“Errr masterfoods (and other brands) have been doing tomusto for a while. It's not an Aldi invention,” they wrote on Twitter.

Masterfoods already produces their own version of the hybrid condiment and is stocked on Coles shelves between $2-$3.

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