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Shopping centre wins praise over genius plastic shopping bag hack

Shopping centre wins praise over genius plastic shopping bag hack

A shopping centre in Canberra has received praise for its “great” initiative that helps shoppers carry their groceries without having to get or purchase a new plastic shopping bag.

Westfield Woden has installed a reusable bag wall where shoppers can take or leave reusable carriers. The wall, which was erected in between the shopping centre’s Coles and Woolworths, was created by Westfield Woden’s centre management in collaboration with MMD, Damsel and Sprout and Allira’s Inklings.

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Community members have expressed support for the new wall, with many sharing positive feedback on social media sites.

“Great idea! Please keep it going,” one commented.

“Love this concept! More shopping centres should have them,” another added.

“I think it could be a solution to some of the 'reusable' plastic bags from Coles and Woolies!” one said.

“The banning of single use plastic bags and commercialisation of the legislated ‘approved plastic’ reusable carrier means that we have all accumulated way too many grocery bags and can’t even gift them away fast enough!” one wrote.

The initiative came after the ACT banned some single-use, lightweight plastic bags in November 2011. According to the Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate, the volume of plastic bag waste going to landfill has declined by about one-third since the ban took effect.