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"Fair" solution to ALDI Specials Buys problem

"Fair" solution to ALDI Specials Buys problem

The chaos of the weekly Special Buys deals by ALDI are well-known by frequent shoppers as they try and get their hands on a bargain.

With reports of pushing and shoving in aisles as well as people buying special buys in bulk before others can get their hands on them, a mum was shocked to see a "fair" system implemented at her local store.

She praised the solution to ALDI's biggest problem.

“I was very impressed with ALDI Seven Hills this morning. I arrived at 7:50 am to find approximately 25 people in front of me,” the NSW woman wrote in the ALDI Mums Facebook group.

“At around 8:15 a staff member came out and went down the line (in order) asking who wanted the Air Fryer.

“He took everyone’s names and told us to line up near the registers and they would be handed out.”

She thanked her store, saying: “Normally it’s a sh*t fight trying to get the specials, but today it was very civilised.”

Despite ALDI having a nationwide policy of not limiting or restricting its weekly deals with customers, stores "do reserve the right to limit purchases to one per customer when they anticipate unusually high demand".

Others were impressed and called on ALDI to introduce the system everywhere.

“That’s amazing! Hopefully the other stores follow suit!” one said.

“That is a great idea, all stores should do that,” another agreed.

“Wow that’s so much better! And also fair,” someone else chipped in.

The coronavirus pandemic has also thrown some spanners in the works as many try to social distance and get their hands on Special Buys.

“It just seems like this style of shopping as it is, isn’t helping people social distance,” one mum wrote on Facebook recently, to much support.