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Crazy with excitement: The ALDI deal people are losing it over

Crazy with excitement: The ALDI deal people are losing it over

ALDI has announced its newest Special Buys deal and it’s due to hit the shelves next week. The announcement has sent ALDI fans into a frenzy, as fans are able to secure a huge French door fridge for under $1,000.

For $999, fans are able to secure the Stirling French door fridge, which is 1800cm high, 800cm wide and 665 cm deep. The fridge can hold up to 473 litres.

ALDI let fans know about the special via a Facebook video where Mel, a local café owner, highlights the benefits of the fridge.

According to Mel, the fridge has “loads of door storage, LED lighting and adjustable glass shelves".

“It also has a humidity and temperature-controlled fresh zone to keep fruit and vegies fresher for longer,” she said.

The fridge has the option to be set to eco mode to save electricity, holiday mode for when you’re away and super freezing mode to freeze food fast.

In order to make things easier for fans, ALDI has made the purchase of this fridge easier as all you need to do is secure a purchase pack, which are available from your local ALDI store assistant.

You simply walk out with a plastic packet of brochures and a receipt for your fridge.

However, fans weren’t happy with this as this means they’re unable to inspect the item before purchasing.

“Personally, I wouldn’t purchase a large item without viewing it first,” one person wrote.

Fans were still excited about the new item being available.

“Quick, small and effective, well done on delivery to customers,” one woman said.

“Well now I want a new fridge despite not needing one at all,” another person said.

Others warned happy buyers to be careful.

“Be careful with what you buy, usually when products such as this fridge (go on sale) they won’t last long,” one woman warned, citing personal experience.