Will Dwyer speaks out about Farmer Wants a Wife pregnancy

Will Dwyer speaks out about Farmer Wants a Wife pregnancy

A farmer from the hit show Farmer Wants a Wife has responded to major claims from contestant Hayley Love who alleged he is the father of her unborn child.

The harsh criticisms clearly don’t seem to phase Will Dwyer, who paired with Jaimee on the show, but struck up a secret relationship with Hayley after filming ended.

Will declined to comment on her public announcements, but took to Instagram to post a graphic that read: “A WOLF DOES NOT CONCERN HIMSELF WITH THE OPINIONS OF SHEEP”.

Will chose Jaimee on Farmer Wants a Wife. Image: Supplied

Hayley was originally paired with Farmer Matt Trewin on the show, and came forward to allege she and Will connected after the finale episode in December, and before the reunion episode that was taped in January.

Hayley alleges they split in April after she told Will she was pregnant.

In a statement, she revealed she had “decided to keep the baby, because I have enough love for this child with or without a biological father. I will be enough for him or her.”

In a follow-up statement posted to social media, Hayley admitted she had been “absolutely terrified” to come forward and share her story.

Hayley at her first ultrasound. Image: Instagram

After weeks of blind items about a “Farmer Wants a Wife pregnancy scandal”, the story hit FWAW fans like a bomb yesterday.

“I started my relationship with Farmer Will in December, before the reunion episode was filmed a few weeks later in January,” Hayley wrote in her statement on Thursday.

“He told me he wasn’t with Jaimee, and Jaimee was in contact with me before the reunion,” she added.

“We’d started chatting online. (Then) I visited him at his house in Longwood and when our sexual relationship started, he told me he had feelings for me and I had feelings for him.

“From there, I saw him as often as I could, staying at his house for a few days at a time.”

It is understood Farmer Will and Jaimee will still appear together in the reunion episode.

The reunion will air on Seven on August 11.

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