Shannen Findlay

What these Sale of the Century hosts looks like now

What these Sale of the Century hosts looks like now

It’s been almost 30 years since we last saw Tony Barber on our screens hosting the beloved TV game show Sale of the Century.

After he parted the show way back in 1991, two more hosts have since taken his place – although none have quite replicated his opening onto the show each night where he would run out replicating sporting moves.

Glenn Ridge took over hosting from Barber for 11 years. 

After a few years of the show going into hibernation, Sale of the Century came to our TV screens once more in 2005 under the new name Temptation with Ed Philips.

Sale of the Century is celebrating its 40th anniversary since the show first began in 1979, and although there have been plenty of game shows to follow in the footsteps of the beloved show since its demise in 2005 – no other show has remained in the memory or the TV sets of Australians longer.

Tony turns 79 next month and is as energetic as he was almost 40 years ago. In fact, the TV show host is still up to his old tricks and asking questions. Once a month, he hosts a Sales night at the Flinders Café in South Melbourne, where he runs old reruns of the beloved show and helps raise money for the local Country Fire Service.

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