“Very sad”: ABC blasted for all-white line-up

“Very sad”: ABC blasted for all-white line-up

The ABC is copping an influx of backlash after they revealed their upcoming line-up of news presenters for 2021, with people questioning the lack of cultural diversity among the broadcaster’s key programs.

The broadcaster released its 2021 programmings schedule on Wednesday but it was the publicity photos of the presenters running its flagship news programs that left many unimpressed.

It didn’t take long for viewers and ex-staff members to call out the network for their lack of diversity, with the majority of journalists coming from caucasian backgrounds.

Former Four Corners and ABC News reporter Sophie McNeill took to Twitter to black the broadcaster, saying it was “disappointing”.

Ex-deputy editor of ABC Life, Osman Faruqi, also joined in.

“Do the people who run ABC News not understand how weird this looks?” he asked.

“At some point, when you’re assembling these photos, you’d pause and think ‘Hmm something not quite right here’. It should so embarrassing that they shouldn’t be able get away with it. But who is going to hold them to account? Everywhere else is even whiter, lol.”

Australia’s former Race Discrimination Commissioner and Culture Strategy Professor at Sydney University, Tim Soutphommasane, said the ABC has a “long way to go” in terms of diversity.

“Let’s remember the ABC has it in its charter that it should reflect the cultural diversity of the Australian community. So where is it?” he wrote on Twitter.

“And thanks to those who highlight there is diversity elsewhere on the upfront. That is of course good to see. But the diversity is not there in many of the flagship and other high-profile programs, especially news and current affairs.”

In response to the backlash, the ABC released a statement saying it was proud of the “diverse talent” across its programs.

“Our 2021 slate reflects our commitment to representing and reflecting modern Australia, across diverse backgrounds, ages, genders, abilities and cultures,” the broadcaster said.

The ABC said increasing diversity across the company was a priority, as they talked about their Diversity & Inclusion Plan and Reconciliation Action Plan.

“There’s no doubt that, like all media organisations, the ABC has significant work to do to live up to our goal to reflect the full diversity of our community,” the ABC said.

“But we are making progress.”

The network then shared an image to Twitter, showing all the diverse talent that will be appearing on the ABC in 2021.

But that wasn’t enough to convince some, with Mr Faruqi and Ms McNeill saying there was still a lack of representation in ABC’s top news programs.

“There is a significant gap between what appears to be coming of factual and entertainment TV and news in terms of whiteness, but it’s very funny the ABC is responding to concerns about the lack of diversity on news shows by saying “We also make Superwog!” Mr Faruqi wrote on Twitter.

He added: “It’s really weird that the ABC’s response was to subtweet everyone by pointing to shows about Chinese restaurants (which I can’t wait to watch tbh). They really are in denial, it’s very sad.”

Ms McNeill shared the same sentiments, saying while they are diverse, they are still lacking in major areas.

“It’s not really diversity in ‘Super Wog’ or ‘Chopsticks or Fork’ that I’m chasing. It’s in the flagship, heavy hitting, political programs & at an editorial level,” she wrote.

But not everyone was so quick to criticise the ABC, with some viewers praising the broadcaster for featuring a wide range of programming and working towards even more diversity on screen.

“This is an easy attack but if we move beyond the ‘glam’ of TV, the ABC provides a diverse but not perfect platform. It does provide a variety of voices. Let’s not belittle it or grandstand in front of nodding heads, let’s look at the alternative & commit to make the ABC better,” one person wrote.

“I think ABC Australia has done a much better job of diversifying its presenters than any other visual media here has. Well done ABC,” another person said.