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Sunrise host Samantha Armytage confesses to breaking this road rule

Sunrise host Samantha Armytage confesses to breaking this road rule

Sunrise host Samantha Armytage has confessed on live TV that she has received a fine for driving while using her mobile phone.

The revelation came after the co-hosts on the breakfast show discussed undercover Melbourne police officers dressing as traffic windscreen washers to catch people on their devices.

Armytage explained that she had also been done by police in a covert operation.

“Look, I have a confession, I’ve been done like this,” she said on air.

“Not by a window washer undercover police person but it was a police sting. (It was) a covert operation, where they were looking down from an overpass and then pulling you over further down the street.

“And they caught me, I was done. And you know what? Never done it again. I now hide my phone on the back seat so it’s not a temptation.

“It works. Sometimes they’ve got to ping you for you to learn your lesson that driving and using your phone is illegal.”

If Armytage was caught in her native New South Wales, it is likely that she would’ve lost four demerit points and been hit with a fine of $300.

On Monday, officers dressed as windscreen washers at the intersection of Maroondah Highway and Springvale Road in Nunawading, eastern Melbourne.

Victoria Police confirmed the undercover officers were targeting drivers who would use their mobile phones while stopping at the intersection.

A spokesman told the Daily Mail, “Part of the operation involved covert observations of drivers in stationary vehicles.”

“Police issued 38 infringement notices to drivers for using their mobile phone while driving.”

While some thought the disguise was deceiving, other praised the covert operation.  

One person wrote: “Clever! You know what, if it saves lives go for it. The amount of drivers I pass and see them look down at their phones.”

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