"Not SAS fit": Shane Warne cops another swipe from Jackson

"Not SAS fit": Shane Warne cops another swipe from Jackson

SAS Australia star Jackson Warne has taken a dig once more at his famous father Shane Warne.

The 21-year-old said that his father wouldn’t be able to compete as a recruit in the military-style show SAS Australia that he is currently on.

“I don’t think he’d be able to jump out of the chopper, I don’t think he would’ve done initiation,” Jackson said on Nova 96.9’s Fitzy & Wippa.

“But the cardio and the lifting, he might have got into shape? But even his cricketing days, he was fit, but I don’t think he was SAS fit,” he said.

The young star continued by saying his mother, Simone Callahen would have definitely been able to compete in the freezing “cold water challenges”.

“She’s crazy with that stuff. I was doing it with her leading up to the show just to get used to it and adapt,” he explained.

Jackson went through a gruelling interrogation on the show, which was aired on Tuesday night.

When director Ant Middleton questions Jackson, 21, on who is he, and discovering he is cricket legend Shane Warne’s son, he asks him “what the f***” he is doing there.

“To test myself … and I want him (Shane) to be really proud of me, by pushing myself to the absolute limit physically and mentally.”

Ant asks: “What’s it like living in your dad’s shadow? Anything you make of yourself will just be cast over by your dad right?”

Jackson said it was “frustrating” his living as under his father’s shadow during the interrogation.

“It’s been pretty frustrating my whole life. Whenever I walk into a room or meet someone it’s always, ‘Oh that’s Shane Warne’s son Jackson’. It’s never, ‘it’s Jackson’. I just want to be Jackson.

“Doing this I know I can prove to everyone that no matter how easy my childhood was I can still do the tough stuff, I can still push myself physically and mentally.”

“That’s why you’re here isn’t it? That makes sense,” Ant says.

Jackson said he found it hard to interact with people, whether it was in a crowd or a small group of people.

“I just don’t feel comfortable” he said, claiming he doesn’t know what they would be thinking or assuming of him.

“Drop that sh*t behind you and forget it, you have an opportunity. You’re hiding and slivering away and talking yourself out of it. Everyone is on an equal plate in there,” Mark ‘Billy’ Billingham explains to him.

“Pick your head up, you constantly have your head down,” says Ant, claiming that he needs more confidence. “Take your head out of you’re a** and get among it.”

“I kind of wish in another reality that I wasn’t Shane Warne’s son,” Jackson adds to the camera.