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MKR’s Manu Feildel reveals shock offer to brothers Josh and Austin

MKR’s Manu Feildel reveals shock offer to brothers Josh and Austin

As controversial brothers Josh and Austin have left the My Kitchen Rules competition, French judge Manu Feildel has revealed a shocking offer he made if the brothers made it to the final.

He admitted to TV WEEK that after their disaster of an Instant Restaurant, he was so sure that they wouldn’t progress any further in the competition that he offered to double the show’s prize money if they reached the final.

"Yes, I did mention that," he confirmed.

"The food at their Instant Restaurant was terrible. I was angry because it was a waste of time for everyone.

"They were lucky to stay as long as they did."

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The grand final of the show is close by, and Manu has said that it’s anyone’s game. However, he’s not worried about the ratings of the show as it struggled to keep up with Nine Network’s Married at First Sight.

"It doesn't bother me," he says. "It was nice to be number one for a long time, but everything in life is a competition.

"We still rate well, and there's still demand for the show. I don't watch MAFS... it's not the type of show I'd want to watch.

"Ten years on TV is a really good thing and we're proud of that. We have another two years and hopefully there will be another two after that."

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