“I’m done”: The X-rated remark that left Lisa Wilkinson speechless

“I’m done”: The X-rated remark that left Lisa Wilkinson speechless

Lisa Wilkinson was left stunned after an X-rated remark made by Tommy Little during last night’s episode of The Sunday Project.

Little joined the show live via satellite from London, where he and Carrie Bickmore attended the final show of the Spice Girls UK tour the night before.

But that wasn’t the only thing he got up to, as he decided to take part in a naked bike ride with countless other nude riders as they journeyed their way around the capital.

A video of the comedian riding was shown on screen, with his modesty blurred out. But despite the censor, he said it was a humiliating experience.

“How’s this for shattering? I was still quite cold, but I thought, bugger it, I will get nude. Then one woman, she was heckling from the side, yelled ‘He’s a grower, not a shower!’”

“I’m not quite sure what that means,” said Wilkinson.

“I think it means I’ve got a small c**k, Lis,” Little shot back, taking the journalist by surprise as he used a phrase that’s deemed racy for early evening television.

“I’m done,” she said as she covered her face with her hands. “How good’s live TV? I know Tommy Little well, WHY did I do that? Next time, stop me before I kill again!”