"He has never said his part": Candice gets candid on cheating scandal

"He has never said his part": Candice gets candid on cheating scandal

Candice Warner has revealed that her husband, Aussie cricket star David Warner, has more to say than he's letting on about the infamous ball-tampering scandal of 2018.

She also implied that fans don't know the whole story as he's been keeping parts of it private.

Warner and then-captain Steve Smith were banned from international and domestic cricket for 12 months and batsman Cameron Bancroft was given a 9-month suspension after the trio were found to be using sandpaper to alter the state of the cricket ball during a Test match in South Africa.

Warner, in particular, was crucified for his role in the scandal, as he was identified as the ring leader and encouraged the youngsters to cheat.

Candice spoke about the scandal on Channel 7's SAS Australia and hinted there was more to the story.

Asked if Warner had tampered with the ball, Candice said: “No. That’s other people’s opinion. He has never said his part.”

“Too many people I feel are quick to make a judgment or opinions on myself or my family,” she added.

“The media make us out to be people that we’re not — bad people, bad parents.”

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Candice also opened up about how she was mocked by cricket fans who were wearing Sonny Bill Williams face masks, a cruel reference to her tryst with the footy star in a hotel 13 years ago.

“There were incidents in South Africa where people were trying to make fun of me, mock me. Belittle me in front of my family,” she said.

“Because of an incident that happened in the past. And they think it’s funny.”

David Warner has refused to open up publicly about the incident, but his manager James Erskine said that his client "will write a book" when the time is right.