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Former star of The Sullivans in landmark $200m court battle

Former star of The Sullivans in landmark $200m court battle

A former Aussie TV icon is seeking a hefty $200 million in court over a TV interview she claims made her US property dealings appear allegedly dodgy.

Susan Hannaford, widely known as Kitty from the iconic TV series The Sullivans, is taking 22 defendants to court, including Seven Network, reporter Matt Doran and network owner Kerry Stokes.

According to her daughter Marquessa, who also happens to be a lawyer, Seven West Media “doctored” an interview with Hannaford on an episode of their Sunday Night program.

Speaking to A Current Affair, Marquessa alleged that the interview used “alternate answers to different questions to make it appear my mother answered in a certain way to portray her in a false light.”

“That’s exactly what we are bringing to court, that is something that will set a landmark decision, that news organisations do not engage in this type of conduct,” she said.

The legal battle is expected to take place in Los Angeles, the same location where the interview originally took place.

After The Sullivans ended its reign, Hannaford opted for the quiet life, as she disappeared from the public eye.