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Edwina Bartholomew’s secret $10 supermarket beauty hack

Edwina Bartholomew’s secret $10 supermarket beauty hack

Anyone who works on breakfast TV has to be a morning person, right? Sunrise host and reporter Edwina Bartholomew has an early wake-up call of 3am, before she heads off to the gym.

“I go to the gym at 3.15am and I get to work around 4.30am. Then I go straight into makeup,” Edwina shared with news.com.au.

With such early starts and a gruelling schedule, just how does the TV favourite manage to keep her skin looking so amazing?

Edwina revealed that she showers and completes her skincare at the gym, after her workout, before heading to the Channel 7 studios, so her skin is fresh and prepped before the makeup artists get started on her.

“I wear a lot of makeup for work, lashes and everything. It’s very thick, so when I’m not working I don’t wear any makeup at all really,” the Sunrise star explained.

“I might wear a tinted sunscreen and mascara, but that’s all. I try not to wear any on weekends,” she confided, highlighting her focus on minimalistic makeup to allow her skin to breathe on her days off.

Although she doesn’t use much to conceal imperfections during the day, she dedicates her time to an amazing and diligent skincare routine.

And you will be surprised by one of the products she credits for her glowing complexion ­– a budget $10 men’s face scrub by Bulldog, which she buys when she’s doing her groceries.

“This is a man’s product, just from the supermarket, but it works really well,” Edwina admitted.

“It’s an exfoliating face wash that just does the job … you feel like you’re really taking it all off. I love it,” she exclaimed.

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Another part of her regime she swears by is a hack to get rid of puffy eyes – hydra gel eye patches.

“I wear these into work in the car and I find they wake my eyes up. People think I’m a bit mad, but I get really puffy eyes,” Edwina admitted.

Do you have a cheap supermarket beauty product hack you swear by? Tell us what it is in the comments below.