Disappointing twist in the O'Keefe saga

Disappointing twist in the O'Keefe saga

Past contestants of The Chase Australia might be denied their winnings due to host Andrew O'Keefe's ongoing assault case.

As new host Larry Emdur was announced, Channel 7 is recording replacement episodes that don't feature O'Keefe.

However, there are a handful of episodes that still feature the former host and the episodes might need to be dumped.

Many aren't aware that the show's contract outlines that the network only pays contestants prize money when their episode goes to air and those who won with O'Keefe as the host might end up with nothing if the episodes are dumped.

The Australian reports that Emdur's episodes will begin filming in March, who is delighted to take over the role.

"I've had a love affair with quiz shows for most of my working life, and the opportunity to host one of the TV world's greatest formats is incredibly exciting," Emdur said.

He is said to have won the role over other popular stars including Rove McManus, Merrick Watts and Sunrise weatherman Sam Mac.

Photo credits: Channel 7