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David Koch reveals the one thing Sam Armytage looks for in a man

David Koch reveals the one thing Sam Armytage looks for in a man

Rumours have been circulating that Samantha Armytage has split up with private jet tycoon Paul O’Brien earlier in the year.

And now, it seems that her Sunrise co-host David Koch is set to get her back in the realm of dating again as he shared what the 42-year-old looks for in a partner romantically.

It seems that Sam has a strange requirement when it comes to potential suitors, as Kochie revealed that she will only date men who drive manual cars, as automatic cars are not “manly enough”.

Sitting down with Danny Lakey on the Hit Network’s Danny Lakey Late Show, the radio host told Kochie that he’s set to pursue Sam.

David responded: “Let me ask, can you drive a manual? That’s the first step to woo her affection. This is one of her secret tests of potential partners.”

He then added: “She doesn’t think [automatics] are manly enough and it’s a flaw in your character.”

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Danny then confirmed that he does indeed drive a manual and asked the 63-year-old to give him a good character reference.

“I will steer her in the right direction. I love a challenge, leave it with me, you’re the type of bloke she needs to find I think,” David said through laughter.

She was first spotted publicly with O’Brien in October, but Sam was said to have only spent “a few ‘fleeting’ moments in Bondi and on the Central Coast” with him before they both went their separate ways.

Last year, Sam admitted that she had met someone special, but that she wouldn’t share details until she was sure about them.

“There are good things happening … I don’t talk about anyone before I’m 100 per cent sure, because you have to keep some things private,” she told Who magazine.