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Bert Newton reminisces about iconic moment on Good Morning Australia

Bert Newton reminisces about iconic moment on Good Morning Australia

Good Morning Australia was one of Australia’s most loved shows for the 14 years it was on our television screens.

Now, former host Bert Newton can fondly reminisce over his days. He revealed to what happened after he ended the show right then and there in 2005.

“They were going to have a farewell party, but I’m not into them, I don’t like farewell parties,” he told 

“I guess I don’t like too much closure. So I was going to finish the show, give them a good wave and go home.

“The last shot of the show was me leaving the studio, getting in the lift and the lift door closing.”

However, things didn’t go as planned.

“In reality I went to my car and drove home straight from the lift and Patti had left out some sandwiches and a bottle of champagne,” Bert said.

“As I sat down at home I realised I was still mic-ed up.

“It was actually a bit of an anticlimax because I had to drive back to Ten to give them the microphone.”

As Bert spends his time now with his friends, family and wife, Patti, he has a lot more freedom to reflect on the tricks of the trade within media today.

In his 14 years on Good Morning Australia, Bert is proud to admit he never read from an autocue.

In fact, if he was in charge of a TV production, that’s one of the things he’d change.

“If I had one criticism of television now, I so seldom get the feeling that someone is actually talking to me and I think one of the reasons is because of the autocue,” he explains.

“If I was producing a television show now, there are two things that would go immediately – the autocue and the pen or pencil.

“Because every compere now is twiddling a pencil and it takes your eye off the magic.”

Despite Bert not being fully retired, he admits that “the phone doesn’t ring quite as often”. However, if the right gig comes along, he will jump at it.

“I’m not retired, but I’ve got to be honest, the phone doesn’t ring quite as often, but I’m enjoying it,” he says.

“Even though I had nothing to do with it, the timing has been wonderful because I spend plenty of time with my grandchildren and I’ve got a wonderful wife in Patti ... we celebrate 45 years of marriage this year. I’m also so proud of my children Matthew and Lauren."

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“If something came along that appeals to me I would enjoy doing it, but I never get into a situation where I think, why not me?” Bert ponders.

“I’ve been so lucky. If I was to be ungrateful in any way for my career, that could make me a person of not too much substance.

“I’ve been lucky, but in fairness, I’ve also worked hard too.”