"Beautiful": Blind singer moves Australia's Got Talent judges to tears

"Beautiful": Blind singer moves Australia's Got Talent judges to tears

A blind singer has left Australia’s Got Talent judges in tears with his audition performance.

A new promo for the competition shows a sneak peek of singer and pianist Paul, who appeared before judges Nicole Scherzinger, Manu Feildel, Shane Jacobson and Lucy Durack.

“Music has given me the confidence and the freedom to truly be myself,” Paul told the show.

“I'm blind. Mum does all the running around and I just thank and love her for that.”

Paul’s mother, who joined him for the day, told him ahead of his audition, “You may not have your vision, but you’ve got everything else. And you’re using it. You know I’m proud.”

His performance, which was left out of the clip, led the four judges to a standing ovation.

“I’m crying my face off right now!” Scherzinger told Paul.

“I mean Australia’s got talent you guys. You’re the reason why I flew here.”

My Kitchen Rules star Feildel also gave Paul praises. “One word just coming out of my mouth is just ‘beautiful’. It’s just pure and beautiful.”

Durack said: “That was magic. You sing with such honesty and heart.”

At the end of his audition, Paul was given a fast-track pass to the semifinals.

This week, the talent show also made headlines after a promo video featuring Bachelor in Paradise star Apollo Jackson was released. In the clip, Jackson could be seen setting himself on fire to the judges’ shock.