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4 things you didn’t know about Angela Bishop

4 things you didn’t know about Angela Bishop

Although she might not look like a day over 30, Angela Bishop has spent 30 years working at Network 10. She shared with TenDaily some of the highlights of her career.

1. Despite her decades of experience, she doesn’t fangirl over celebrities

Bishop has a secret to not getting flustered when interviewing high profile celebrities, which is research.

"The first thing that helps me is being prepared for the interview. Researching the bejeezus out of them," she explained.

"Even when I've only got short chats, or even if there's only the chance I'll see them, say on an Oscars red carpet where you're never quite sure who's going to come.”

She also thinks it’s a matter of treating them like the professionals they are.

"I think that's professional and the correct thing to do in terms of paying courtesy to the person who's agreed to give me their time to be interviewed.

"When you look at it from that respect, that takes any of that nervousness away because basically we're two professionals doing a job and that puts you on more equal footing and you're less intimidated." 

2. The celebs who do make her starstruck 

Despite Bishop interviewing some of the biggest names in stardom, including Angelina Jolie, Matt Damon, Harrison Ford, Colin Firth and Meryl Streep, there are a few that still make her starstruck.

"On the couple of occasions that I've been sitting down to interview a person who literally was on a poster on my wall growing up, it took everything in my power not to sit there and go 'Blahhhh'," she said.

"Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin comes to mind. To be in the same room, and breathing that same air was just... if my teenage self had seen that she would've just gone cray cray."

Another person she gets excited over? Clint Eastwood.

"It took me years to get him!" she said excitedly.

"My watch tells my heart rate and I looked at it and it was peaking."

3. She’s friends with the Von Trapp children from the original The Sound of Music

In 2015, Bishop travelled to Salzburg with some of the original cast of The Sound of Music to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the movie’s release.

She’s proud to say that she now calls the cast members friends.

"To now call the Von Trapp children friends, I find astounding," she said.

"If you'd told five-year-old Angela when she played Gretl with the Mosman musical society that one day, she'd be in Salzburg twirling around on that mountain with Friedrich and the gang and in the glasshouse, I just would've died! It's so amazing."

4. She’s really into motorcycling

It’s a love that’s been with her since she was young.

"I had two uncles growing up who raced motorcars and one of them still holds the lap record for Bathurst pre-alteration to the track. So I used to go to motor racing when I was a kid, I used to go to Oran Park and Bathurst and Amaroo," she said.

"Then I started riding motorbikes myself, I've been lucky enough to drive in the celebrity race at the V8 Supercars as they were at the Indy in Queensland, so I just feel the need for speed and love the smell of petrol in the morning!"

The shared love of motorbikes is something she has in common with her husband, Pete.

"When I met Pete that was just a shared interest that we had and to be able to go to the Grand Prix here at Ten and sometimes be involved a bit in the coverage.

"I got to commentate on one of the support races a couple of years ago which was just my dream coming true because I have a lot of knowledge and Ayrton Senna was my racing hero back in the day, so that's where that all came from."