Why some viewers despise Delta Goodrem

Why some viewers despise Delta Goodrem

Delta Goodrem has long been considered Australia’s sweetheart; however, she has been dividing fans since her very first season on The Voice in 2012.

This season, just like any other, has resulted in many people branding the 35-year-old singer “annoying and insufferable” for her behaviour on-screen.

Industry expert Rob McKnight told the Daily Mail that the reason behind Delta’s bad image is her undeniable career success.

“Anyone who's successful in this country has just as many haters as they do fans,” said McKnight.

“It's better to be polarising rather than bland; nobody cares about bland.”

He also blamed Australia’s tall poppy syndrome for Delta’s large number of trolls.

“In Australia we always love to cut down the tall poppies and the fact Delta has had so much success in her life only leads people to despise her success and feel jealous of it,” he explained.

His kind words come after a senior record executive told Perth radio on Friday he was not a big fan of Delta as an artist.

Michael Gudinski, a veteran of the Australian music industry said: “Look, I'm not the biggest Delta Goodrem fan, I must admit.”

His comments answered a question about the Music From The Home Front charity concert, which he had a large part in organising.

Delta had performed in the concert, but Michael admitted he found that her “COVID performance” in the One World: Together At Home concert  “of hers lacked lustre.”

“I'm not big on celebrities, I'm being honest here,” he added.  

On Twitter, trolls have taken aim at Goodrem for her vibrant personality on The Voice. 

"Delta Goodrem is f------ annoying," one fan tweeted.

Another another wrote: "Delta, still insufferable."

"You just KNOW Delta was one of those annoying theatre kids who breaks into song every five minutes... What I'm trying to say is she was TOTALLY Rachel from Glee," another harsh comment read. 

Fans did not take the criticism of the singer lying down however, with one writing: "People have the nerve to call Delta fake and other rubbish? She's one of the most kindest and genuine souls out there." 

Another said: "Bless Delta, she is so lovely THAT DUET WAS AMAZING OMG."