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The harrowing childhood incident that shaped Delta Goodrem's career

The harrowing childhood incident that shaped Delta Goodrem's career

The Voice Australia coach and Aussie songstress Delta Goodrem shared a very personal story ahead of the semi-final of the show where she explained how she turned to music.

During her mentoring session with Daniel Shaw, Delta revealed that she was born three months premature as her mother was induced into early labour after a car crash.

Delta and her mother made it through the ordeal without lasting damage, but her father bought a piano that sparked her successful music career.

"My dad bought my mother a piano as a present for her going through such an intense ordeal and I ended up being the one who played piano," Delta said, according to The Daily Mail

"That was how piano came into the house."

Originally, the piano was meant as a gift for her mother but when a “six or seven-year-old” Delta played the musical instrument, her talents were too strong for her parents to ignore.

Despite Delta’s fame, her core has stayed the same. She told TV Week about her struggles:

"I feel I was the same back [2002] then as I am now," she admitted. 

"My moral compass was set very young; I had a clear calling in music and people. I definitely haven't diverted from that."

Delta added, "Have I grown? Hopefully, yes. I've changed in many ways and gone through different chapters. But my core has stayed the same."

Her career has always been about the love of music.

"I've always been in love with music and people, and want to share my heart through songwriting," she says. 

"I never had a cast of glamour over what I thought this was. I believed in magic and making songs that people could escape into."